• indicateur de pesage

    IDLC 2 Compact Weighing Indicator

    IDLC 2 weighing indicator for weighbridge. The IDLC 2 compact weighing indicator is the minimum weighing system to legally interface, analog or digital load cells with PC.
  • Indicateur de pesage pont-bascule IDL55

    IDL55 weighing indicator for weighbridge

    Indicator with a large graphic LCD display providing a user-friendly handling.
  • Indicateur IDE 500 pont-bascule

    IDE500 weighing terminal for weighbridge

    IDE500 weighing terminal for weighbridge with digital load cells. The indicator IDE500 equipped with the weighbridge software has been designed to offer advanced and autonomous functions weighing on scale or weighbridge .
  • indicateur de pesage multi pont-bascule a ecran tactile

    Touch screen mutli-weighbridges weighing indicator

    IDTB touch screen weighing indicator with 4 analog/digital measures.
  • IDe 400 Pont bascule

    IDe 400 analogue weighbridge

    IDe 400 weighing indicator for analogue weighbridge The IDe 400 Weighbridge indicator equipped with the weighbridge software was designed to balance functions on scale or weighbridge . Combined with weighing terminals (VIGILE or GARDIANE), it is a standalone solution for managing a weighbridge.
  • Indicateur de pesage pèse essieux autonome

    IDe 400 axle scale weighing indicator

    Autonomous weighing indicator for axle scale The IDe 400 weighing indicator equipped with axle scale software is designed to provide axle scale functions and management.
  • indicateur de pesage encastrable

    IDLC2 integrated weighing indicator

    IDLC2 integrated weighing indicator The IDLC 2 indicator is the most price effective weighing system connecting digital or analogue load cells to PC. The indicator is compatible with the ARPEGE MASTER K digital load cells as well as with standard analogue ones using the CANDY transmitter. Excelent speed and stability of the measurement. CE approved […]