Weighing terminal.

Our range of stand-alone weighing and access terminals, together with a large range of options and peripheral devices, covers all weighing and related activities such as access control and decanting. They are available according various configurations:
  • With a touch screen or with a membrane keyboard
  • Including an authorized weighing indicator or without any indicator
  • Autonomous or conected to a weighing indicator or to a computer software
  • Borne de pesage tactile

    Touchscreen terminal

    Touchscreen terminal (DIVA) The touchscreen terminal Diva features a user-friendly display that truly facilitates the weighing process for the machine operator on weighbridge.
  • Borne pesage Vigile

    Vigile Terminal

    Weighing terminal for vehicule. This range of weighing terminal Vigile facilitates automatic weighing on weighbridge , for the camion weight measure, semi-trailer, building machine.
  • Location borne de pesage pour chantier

    Renting weighing terminal for building site

    Renting weighing terminal for building site, or construction on existant site. Simple transfert and installation, delivered assembly on post, to fix on solid concrete  (for example a duct fill of concrete)