A complete weighing range

Control access combined with weighing kiosks are sophisticated solutions designed to streamline weighing processes while maintaining stringent security standards.

These kiosks are meticulously calibrated to ensure precise measurements, making them ideal for heavy-duty industrial environments.

Equipped with robust construction, they can withstand heavy loads, including pallets and bulk materials.

The integration of printers allows for seamless documentation of weigh transactions, enhancing operational efficiency. These kiosks are not only reliable but also economical, offering cost-effective weighing solutions for businesses of all sizes.

With features like batching and ramps, they accommodate diverse weighing needs, providing flexibility and convenience. Whether it's calibrating equipment or weighing pallets, control access combined with weighing kiosks offer a comprehensive solution for efficient and secure weighing operations.

A range of accessories

In addition to its weighing kiosks, ARPEGE MASTER K also offers a range of accessories to enhance and revitalise the traditional weighing offer.

By offering a complete range, ARPEGE MASTER K is able to benefit from considerable advantages, such as time savings by reducing the number of middlemen, high-quality data transmission in real time, and cost savings.

ARPEGE MASTER K offers a range of accessories, including cameras. There are two types of camera: number plate cameras and weighing cameras.

They are generally used in conjunction with access control, an electronic security system used to monitor arrivals and departures at a given location. This system is commonly used in sectors where security is an important parameter. Combined with weighing, it generates and transmits data in real time, facilitating the weighing process.

The range also includes badges for access control. These give users autonomy in access control. They can thus move freely around the secure area. They work by associating badges with the terminal. The terminal receives information from the badges and transmits it to the control system, facilitating vehicle entry and exit.


ARPEGE MASTER K also offers robust accessories such as portable terminals and industrial weighing tablets to meet the needs of its customers. This equipment is specially designed to withstand shocks and an outdoor environment. Their versatility means they can be used for a wide range of applications and cover most industrial needs.

  • touchscreen tablet

    Touchscreen tablet

    Touchscreen tablet for industrial weighing Its large 10-inch touchscreen allows data to be entered on fixed (computer, terminal) or mobile equipment. Its design is based on the MIL-STD-810x military standard (operating temperature from -20 to +50°C, high vibration and shock tolerance). Its built-in battery means it can be used on the move for several hours. […]
  • weighing access control kiosk

    Access control/weighing kisok GARDIANE

    Access control/weighing kisok The GARDIANE access control/weighing kiosk  represents a simple and user-friendly solution for badge access control applications. This kiosk allows display of messages, numerical data to be entered and a badge to be read. Various badge technologies are compatible with the Gardiane kiosk : RFID1 (Wiegand) / RFID2 (Mifare) / Barecode There are […]
  • 12-key numeric keypad

    12-Key Numeric Keypad (GARDIANE Kiosk Option)

    This numeric keypad is an option for the Gardiane weighing kiosk we have. The keypad has numbers and, completed with the Gardiane, allows you to control the access of your weighing area. To know more about the product or our access controls, contact us.