• inox-weight indicator weighing

    IDE250 Inox Weight Indicator for Industry

    IDE250 Inox Weight indicator for Industry, compatible with analogue load cells. The IDE 150/250 industry software was developed for this IDE250 inox weight indicator, in order to manage weighing applications for industrial processes. This inox weight indicator can control a relay board to manage alarms in a fully autonomous way (tank overflow, for instance). Furthermore, […]
  • Bag2R- passengers-airport-weight-indicator

    Bag2R airports weight indicator

    Bag2R indicator is a weighing indicator with ethernet option, dedicated to luggage at airport “check-ins”. This weighing solution has been designed for airports.
  • airport weight Indicator luggage scale

    MAGIC AERO airports weight indicator

    MAGIC AERO indicator is a weighing indicator dedicated to luggage at airport “check-ins”. It constitutes the weighing solution dedicated for airports.