IDE 250 Continuous totalizing weighing indicator

The weighing indicator IDe250, equipped with the continuous totalizing software (belt scale) was designed for continuous weighing of a bulk product on a belt scale.

The IDE 250 continuous totalizing weighing indicator’s LCD graphic display 320 x 240 pixels provides a friendly and interactive use. Manual mode of the belt calibration.

DSD file (alibi memory) of 14 300 data.

Partial or total totalizing partial of weight and speed (two levels of aggregation).

The connection to a PLC or a computer allows a process control by an external computer system (Protocol JBUS / MODBUS RTU serial or Ethernet MODBUS protocol encapsulated in TCP). Weight remote display in several modes (partial accumulation, overall throughput remains to load …).

– Operation in receiving bulk product: the cycle is carried out with an indefinite general guideline. The end of the cycle is caused by manual action (Off).

– Bulk shipment of product in operation: the cycle is carried out until obtaining the desired quantity.

Product reference

: 050020300+021020370+120030080
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