IDE 400 Discountinuous totalizing indicator

The IDe 400 equipped with an 8I/8O board and the discontinuous totalizing software (hopper scale) is designed to provide automatic discontinuous totalizing functions.

This program is also adapted for loading and unloading trucks, ships …

Two operating modes:

  • Bulk products receipt:

Tabulations cycles are performed with an undefined general guideline. The end of the cycle is caused by manual action VDR (Change From Rest).

  • Bulk product shipment:

Tabulations cycles are performed until you achieve the desired quantity.


Device Communication Protocol:

  • Protocol JBUS / MODBUS
  • Remote display of weight or accumulation (MAGIC  RP75HL )
  • Alibi memory (DSD) records may be downloaded

Product reference

: 050070010+021020350
Download the technical manual