Renting Weighing Kiosk for building site

Renting weighing kiosk for building site, or construction on existant site.

Renting weighing kiosk is an easy way to get a kiosk on your site for a non-permanent use.

Simple transfert and installation, delivered assembly on post, to fix on solid concrete  (for example a duct fill of concrete)

This type of renting weighing kiosk is very simple to transport.

A round pole for heavy trucks (3 meters) make possible a usage for the driver without get out of his vehicle.

Pre-configured in factory, his implantation his very quick, with only 230 Volts for the alimentation.



  • Capteur pont-bascule et kit de montage
    Capteur pont-bascule et kit de montage
    Capteur CPFA-A en acier inoxydable (IP69k)
  • compression load cell digital
    Compression digital load cell 30t
    This compression digital load cell is in stainless steel. For weighbridges with mounting kit