IDE 250 weight indicator for single product dosing

The IDE 250 single-product dosing/weighing indicator is designed for dosing applications.

Dosing-weighing indicator IDE 250

The IDe 250 single product weight indicator with its software offers a high-performance and low-cost solution to modernise or design filling stations for bulk products (dosing devices, bagging machines, etc.) or liquids (drum fillers, bottling
machines, etc.).

The weight dosing software of the IDE 250 provides filling control functions by weight measurement.

The IDE 250 weight controller and its single-product software can replace a PLC in basic applications.

Its several inpout/output cards allow to supervise valves or power relay for motors.

This dosing-weighing indicator can be equipped with a 4-20mA or 0-10V output to assure the submission of a variable speed drive.

It can be connected to a management system (PCI) in real time, with a MODBUS/JBUS ou Ethernet Modbus TCP protocol.

Two dosing modes for this weight indicator:

  • draw-off mode from a storage hopper
  • filling mode from an intermediate hopper.

Dosing control:

  • 1 or 2 speeds
  • Tolerance control
  • Automatic feed error (FE) correction
  • LS regulation
Indeed, the system automatically manages the feed error and can automatically start an additional run in case of negative tolerance.

The feed error correction is dynamic. As a result, the rectification happens during the process without interrupting the dosing cycle (via JBUS connection).

Edit cycle with:

  • 1-Display of High Speed (HS)/Low Spedd (LS) flow rates
  • 2-Display of HS and LS duration
  • 3-Display of mean and standard deviation
  • 4-Display of the dosing setpoint and the number of doses carried out


Product file:

This file may be configured either directly from the front panel of the indicator (using the alphanumeric keyboard or optionally a PC keyboard) or by the control system (PC/PLC).
Also, it remains resident in the IDE 250 indicator,  the memory being saved by a lithium battery.


Through this function, the indicator outputs the net dosed weight and number of doses for each product locally. As a result :
  • daily totals
  • monthly totals

DSD file (dosing statistics):

  • memorization of the last 43000 dosing cycles
  • memorization of the last 38 000 doses

Impression of dosing tickets on our 40 columns printer.

Impression of statistics of the dosing-weighing indicator on our 80 columns printer.

Download of the dosing files either on a USB flash drive or a PC.

If you’re interested, you can also know more about our multiproducts dosing software Doseview .

Product reference

: 050020300+021020045
Download the technical file