Weighing kiosk VIGILE ABS-IDe-400

Weighing kiosk for vehicles.

This weighing kiosk VIGILE ABS-IDe-400 facilitates automatic weighing on weighbridge , for the trucks weight measure, semi-trailer, building machine.

The weighing kiosk VIGILE ABS-IDe-400 with its integrated and approved weighing indicator IDe 400 is a compact solution for autonomous weight measurement.

The graphic display of this weigh terminal guides users throughout the weighing operation.

The keypad can be used to enter numeric or alphanumeric data.

The weighing process initiated by the reading of a badge ends with the edition of a weighing ticket (weighing receipt) .


Several badge technologies with the self-service terminal:

  • RFID1 ( Wiegand)
  • RFID2 ( Mifare)
  • Barcode
  • QR Code


This range of VIGILE weighing kiosk exists in 2 types of configurations :

  • VIGILE weighing kiosk software that is linked to a computer
  • Weighing terminal software that is autonomous

This unmanned weighing kiosk has two finishing options:

  • Reinforced ABS/PPM case


Mounting accessories for the weighing kiosk VIGILE ABS-IDe-400:

  • Galvanized round bar diameter 90 mm :
    • Car height
    • Truck height
  • Wall mounting kit (set of 2 mounting plates for ABS version only)


Communication ports :

  • COM1 : RS232 link for the control of the ticket printer and the badge reader
  • COM2 (options) at your choice :
    •  RS232
    •  RS485
    • Current loop
    • Ethernet (xPort)
  • BUS MASTER CAN (terminal link, digital load cells, weight repeaters)
  • One M1 input for 6-wire analog load cells


Options of the weighing terminal Vigile ABS-IDe-400:

  •  Isolated 4I/4O card (option 0/10 V or 4/20 mA)

Configuration of the 4 outputs (AUTONOMOUS kiosk software) :

  • E1 / E2 / E3 / E4 : disused

Definition of the 4 outputs :

  • S1 : Low threshold
  • S2 : Finished entrance weighing / request to evacuate the weighbridge or scale
  • S3 : Finished exit weighing/request to evacuate the weighbridge or scale
  • S4 : Weighing type “Gross / Tare / Net” completed / request to evacuate the weighbridge or scale


A USB key reader allows the export of the data for processing with a spreadsheet program (Excel for example).

This USB key reader is accessible through a waterproof plug under the terminal.


If a self-service terminal with a touch-screen is what you’re looking for, check our weighing kiosk DIVA.

If you’re looking for a unmanned kiosk without ntegrated weighing indicator, check our weighing kiosk VIGILE TERM .


You can download below the technical file of the VIGILE weighing kiosk.

Product reference

: 00001472+00001475
Download the technical file