Weighing and access control for materials recycling

Weighing and materials recycling

Professional waste recycling (construction materials, demolition of building, concrete, rubble…) has become obligatory and require a control.

Access Control

Access control system with a badge makes the professional totally autonomous. He does not have to care about opening hours.

Usually control is handling with a terminal, a badge reader and a conversational guide.


Weighing of construction site materials

Materials can be weighed either on a platform scale (big bag) or on a weighbridge to weigh the entire vehicule.

The truck identification can be done with a badge on a weighing terminal.


Prood of submission

A weighing ticket confirms the fact that the transaction has been made.

Date are centralized in a server via a weighing management software (management of clients, products, hours, waste quantities…).


  • weighing access control kiosk
    Access control/weighing kisok GARDIANE
  • Terminal portable
    Terminal portable déchetterie durci à écran tactile
  • Tablette pesage-identification
    Portable weighing tablet
    Sa conception est basée sur la norme militaire....
  • Pont bascule en béton
    Pont bascule en béton
    Pont-bascule en béton modulaire préfabriqué en usine
  • logiciel gestion accès et dépotage
    Logiciel gestion accès et dépotage