Weighing containers and axle weight control

Our client is a large logistic player delivering merchandises worldwide by road, air and sea.

He wants to control the weight of his containers, the maximal axle weight as well as the total vehicule weight.


Weighing containers and axle weight control allow:

  • to meet the new SOLAS legislation (from july 1st 2016, it is an obligation to weigh containers before loading on the ship).
  • to check containers weight and simultaneously to weigh truck axles to check compliance with road transport legislation.

Constraints of weighing containers and axle weight control:

To weigh through one unique operation the container weight, each axle weight of the truck and the total vehicle weight

To design a solution where drivers identify themselves autonomously at the weighing bridge

The interface with drivers speaking a variety of different languages

To deal with different legal weight legislations applicable in the various countries of destination or of transit

To avoid digging the ground due to existing subterranean pipelines


Weighing equipment installed on-site:

  • DIVA touchscreen multilingual weighing terminal
  • PERFECT CPL weighbridge
  • IDE150 weighing indicator
  • WINSTAR weighing management software
  • Axle scale
  • RP75HL remote weight display


Added value of our weighing equipment for containers and axle weight control:

Offering a weighbridge which provides data of axle-weight and total truck weight

Each driver uses an RFID tag which contains both the truck ID and its gross weight before loading. The driver identifies himself at the weighing bridge after loading. A control ticket is printed by the terminal providing detailed information of axle weight, total weight and ID related data.

The driver’s terminal offers multi-languages human interface.

Offering a weighbridge which requires no civil work. The bridge lays upon a concrete base and can me moved later on.

Download the technical file