Compact weight indicator – Magic

Compact weight indicator : the Magic

This weight indicator (Magic) with red LEDs meets the needs of weight measurement in an industrial environment.

With its rectangular shape, the Magic can be fitted into thefront panel of a cabinet but can also be fixed on a column, placed on a table.

Its software and multiple protocols allow communication links to be established with PLCs or computers (3 possible operating modes). Compatible with all analog (or digital from ARPEGE Master K) load cell.


Operator interface for weighing operations:

  • 1 RED LED display on 6 digits + minus sign (red LED H = 14 mm)
  • 7 LED indicators: Zero – Net – Threshold 1 – Threshold 2 – Threshold 3 – Kg or Pound symbol
  • 1 keyboard with 6 keys: Zero – Gross / Net – Taring – Printing – Settings – Validation


Communication protocols of the Magic, weight indicator :

  • Remote display
  • ERIC
  • 3 different ways to print the ticket:
    • Gross Weight
    • Net weight ticket
    • Gross/Tare/Net weight


Several communication options are possible:

  • RS 232
  • RS 485
  • Ethernet (ModBus TCP communication prototcol)


This compact weight indicator Magic is available in stainless steel case (IP65) or in ABS (IP41)

Product reference

: 051010010C
Download the technical file