What is a weighing conveyor belt ?

A weighing conveyor belt is used to measure the weight of items in  continuous flow. This specialized conveyor integrates a weighing mechanism, allowing continuous monitoring of the material's weight as it moves along the belt. This real-time data is essential for accurate inventory management, quality control, and optimizing production processes.


How does it work ?

As weighbridge, the system typically operates with load cells, or other weighing sensors to ensure accuracy, making it a reliable solution for industries.  This kind of system presents conveniency for multiple applications but mainly for industries like mining, food processing and logistics.

The concept appears clear, a conveyor belt operates through a simple yet effective mechanism. The belt, generally made of materials like rubber or PVC, is looped around two or more pulleys, which are powered  by an electric motor. As the motor drives the pullies, the conveyor belt moves in a continuous loop. The transportation of goods is thus facilitated from one point to another.

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    Weighing systems on conveyor belt

    The preparation of construction materials often requires to redial a product (mixture of different sizes or categories of stones, etc. This process requires the use of continuous weighing systems. This belt scale associated with one of our weighing indicator form the perfect autonomous measurement chain. It allows a reconstitution of the different granulometry of the expected product. At the end of the conveyor belt, the belt scale can also control the real quantity loaded in the truck. In some cases, using a belt scale on a conveyor belt avoids the addition of a weighbridge.