Indicators accessories

Indicator accessories are designed to complement weighing indicators, offering additional features and capabilities to meet the diverse needs of industrial applications.

Accessories such as mounting brackets, mounting frame, and desktop case  further enhance the versatility and functionality of weighing indicators in industrial settings. Mounting brackets allow for secure installation of indicators in various locations, while IDE desktop case shield indicators from environmental factors such as dust, moisture, and vibrations.


PC Keyboards for indicators

ARPEGE MASTER K offers also PC keyboards for indicators. They are essential accessories that facilitate data input and control in industrial weighing systems. These keyboards are specially designed to interface with weighing indicators, providing operators with a user-friendly input method for entering data, configuring settings, and controlling weighing processes.

One of the key features of these keyboards is their compatibility with weighing indicator software, allowing operators to efficiently navigate menus, enter numeric values, and execute commands with precision. This seamless integration enhances productivity and accuracy in industrial weighing applications, enabling operators to perform tasks such as tare adjustments, unit conversions, and calibration procedures with ease.


Overall, indicator accessories play a vital role in maximizing the performance and utility of industrial weighing systems, offering solutions tailored to the specific requirements of diverse industrial applications. Whether it's improving visibility, automating data recording, or enhancing connectivity, these accessories contribute to the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of industrial weighing operations.

  • PC keyboard

    PC keyboard for indicators IDE

    The PC keyboard is an option of the indicator for data input
  • Wall mounting

    Wall mounting (Logic)

      Mounting bracket to be embeded in the electrical box – Front side (ABS only) The LOGIC 100-200 weight indicator is designed for applications using scales, platforms and weighing hoppers. To know more on our Logic indicators, check this page.
  • LOGIC Table Stand

    This is a table stand for weight indicators named Logic from the range of ARPEGE MASTER K. According to us, practical detail such as this LOGIC table stand makes part of a complete and efficient weighing installation. Table stand used for LOGIC indicator (ABS).
  • analog weighing simulator

    Analog weight simulator – desktop IDE

    This is an analog weight simulator for desktop IDE (length 0.3m). There is also numerical weight simulator available. To know more about our weighing indicators, it’s here. A specific question on a weighing solution in mind ? Contact us.
  • Desktop case for IDE indicator

    This is a desktop case for IDE weighing indicators. To know more about our weighing indicators (and not just the desktop case), it’s here. A specific question on a weighing solution in mind ? Contact us.
  • mounting frame

    Mounting frame for IDE indicator

    Mounting frame for IDE weighing indicator. To know more about our weighing indicators (and not only the mounting frame), it’s here. To know more about weighing solutions, contact us. There is also the desktop case available.
  • numerical weight

    Numerical weight simulator for IDE indicator

    Numerical weight simulator for IDE indicator (length 0,3m).