• weight indicator - weighing controller

    IDLC2 integrated weight indicator

    IDLC2 integrated weighing indicator The integrated weighing indicator IDLC2 is the most price effective weighing system connecting digital or analogue load cells to PC. The indicator is exclusively compatible with the ARPEGE MASTER K digital load cells as well as with standard analogue ones using the CANDY transmitter. Also, the IDLC2 has an excelent speed […]
  • inox-weight indicator weighing

    IDE250 Inox Weight Indicator for Industry

    IDE250 Inox Weight indicator for Industry, compatible with analogue load cells. The IDE 150/250 industry software was developed for this IDE250 inox weight indicator, in order to manage weighing applications for industrial processes. This inox weight indicator can control a relay board to manage alarms in a fully autonomous way (tank overflow, for instance). Furthermore, […]
  • single product weight indicator IDE 250

    IDE 250 weight indicator for single product dosing

    The IDE 250 single-product dosing/weighing indicator is designed for dosing applications. The weight indicator Ide 250 with this software offers a high-performance and low-cost solution to modernise or design filling stations for bulk products (dosing devices, bagging machines, etc.) or liquids (drum fillers, bottling machines, etc.).
  • multiproduct-dosing indicator

    IDE 250 weighing indicator for multiproduct dosing

    The Ide 250 weighing indicator with the "Multiproduct Dosing" software meets requirements of weighing/dosing applications. This self-sufficient software is able to manage a full dosing cycle. Several indicators may be interconected in order to produce a complex dosing formula.