IDLC2 integrated weight indicator

IDLC2 integrated weight indicator

The integrated weight indicator IDLC2 is the most price effective weighing system connecting digital or analogue load cells to PC.

The indicator is exclusively compatible with the ARPEGE MASTER K digital load cells as well as with standard analogue ones using the CANDY transmitter.

The IDLC2 has an excelent speed and stability of the measurement.

CE approved by the LNE according EN45501 – OIML R76-1/2006 and OIML D11/2013


IDLC2 has a user-friendly and intuitive interface:

  • LCD graphic backlit display of 128 x 64 pixels – dimensions 38 x 70 mm
  • High brightness display (fonts height of 12 mm)
  • User manual: 2 x 16 characters or 1 x 8 characters
  • 8 function keys:
    • 4 metrologic keys (Zero – gross/ net, calibration, DSD)
    • 4 application keys (weight memorization, cursor movement)


Other features of this indocator:

  • 1 USB 2 Full speed storage
  • 1 Ethernet port MODBUS TCP (multi-socket, 3 max) / 1 RS 485 port (2 wire)
  • Data storage device (DSD) with an exceptional capacity of 1 million weighs
  • Communication interface with Arpège Master K terminals (avoids the need for a communication converter)
  • Repeater on CAN network
  • Adjustable mesure speed from 10 to 160 measures/second
  • It can be conected to 1 up to 12 CPFN-A digital load cells or to 1 up to 4 CANDY transmitter.



Product reference

: 00001532