Weighing Management Software

Our standard weighing management software, based on more than 30 years of experience, meets the needs of industrial weighing processes.

Weighing management software for weighbridges, dosing processes, access control, etc.

  • Weighing-weighbridge and access control management software (Winstar or POWER-WEIGHT)
  • Dosing and formulation process software (DoseView)

Why use it ?

Weighing plays a crucial role in many industries in France, from food production to logistics to chemistry.

To ensure the accuracy and traceability of weighing operations, many companies use weighing management software.

These software solutions offer a multitude of benefits while meeting strict regulatory obligations.


What are the advantages of  this operating system ?

The accuracy as well as the reliability of traceability of weighing operations is a flagship quality of the latter.

They help reduce manual entry errors when recording weighing weights, which is essential in sectors such as the chemical industry, weighing of waste, goods.

Traceability is a key element of regulatory compliance.

Computer software will record all weighing operations, including details of products weighed, dates, times and responsible users.

This makes it easier to create reports that comply with current regulations.


How can using this operating system improve my productivity?

Weighing management software automates many tasks related to weighing, which saves time and increases productivity (for example : integration of automatic identification devices).

Weighing operations can be integrated into production processes larger, thus optimizing overall efficiency.


What is the link between weighing software and regulatory compliance ?

In France, the use of weighing systems is regulated by Decree No. 2001-387 of May 3, 2001.

Weighing management software helps companies comply with these regulations by recording and archiving weighing data in accordance with standards in force.

This operating system offers advanced security features, such as user authentication and access tracking.

This ensures that only authorized users have access to weighing operations and sensitive data.


What are the regulatory obligations in France ?

In France, the use of weighing systems is subject to strict regulations.

The main obligations include:

- 1. Metrological Compliance

All weighing equipment used for commercial purposes must comply with the metrological requirements set out in Decree No. 2001-387. This means that scales and weighing instruments must be certified and checked regularly by an approved body.

- 2. Weighing traceability

Companies must be able to provide accurate and traceable records of all weighing operations. This operating system is essential to meet this requirement.

- 3. Regular weighing maintenance

Weighing equipment must be maintained regularly to guarantee their accuracy and reliability. Companies must keep maintenance records in accordance with regulations (metrological logbook).

- 4. Personnel Training

Personnel responsible for weighing operations must be trained to correctly use weighing equipment and associated software. Training helps reduce human errors and ensure compliance.

In conclusion, weighing management software offers many benefits, including accuracy, traceability, improved productivity and regulatory compliance in France.

They are essential for businesses that rely on weighing in their daily operations, while ensuring compliance with the legal obligations governing this practice.