Weighing software for weighbridge POWER-WEIGHT

Weighing solutions : a weighing software made for managing weighbridges and more…

The weighing software for weighbridge POWER-WEIGHT (PW) is a business software for managing access and weighings on one (or more) weighbridge(s). As a result, the flow management of vehicles is guaranteed to the user.

The weighbridge software for truck scale supervises:


As for the navigation, the POWER-WEIGHT weighing software is simple. It has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. It works under Windows ® environment.

The weight is displayed permanently. In addition, the user can easily access to the main weighing functions from one simple window.

For instance, to have access to the different menus and files, the user have a login and a password required.

The user can fully configurate all the menus and files according his needs.

As a result, the POWER-WEIGHT weighbridge weighing software has also a configurable status editor. This function works with advanced filters.

The database motor of the weighing software is fast and efficient.


Weighing software connexions

What’s more, the weighing software POWER-WEIGHT has the ability to manage different types of peripheric. It is compatible with our weighing indicators and weighing terminals.

Download here a free version of the POWER-WEIGHT software