Weighing Kiosk VIGILE IDe-400-PC

 PC connectable weighing kiosk for traffic management.

The weighing kiosk VIGILE-IDe-400 has been conceived for automatic weighing on weighbridges (or truck bridges), for measuring the weight of trucks, semi-trailers and construction equipment.

Its approved weighing indicator guarantees the accuracy of the weight measurement.

Vehicle drivers are guided step-by-step through messages and can enter numeric or alphanumeric data.

The weighing process initiated by the reading of a badge ends with the edition of a weighing ticket (weighing receipt).

Its built-in weighing indicator is approved by LNE.

Several badge technologies:

  • RFID1 ( Wiegand)
  • RFID2 ( Mifare)
  • Barcode

The weighing kiosk VIGILE-IDe-400 exists in 2 types of configurations :

  • VIGILE kiosk software in connection with a computer
  • Autonomous weighing kiosk software

This kiosk has two types of finishes :

  • Reinforced ABS/PPM case
  • Stainless steel case

Product reference

: 00001472+00001474
Download the technical file