RP75-HL Remote weight display

Remote weight display with a two-colored light

The repetitor RP75 HL is a device that replicates the weight from the indicator.

This display can be managed by an other device (e.g., a PC or PLC).

It features a two-colored traffic indicator light (red/green), managed by Arpege Master K indicator (depending on the software) Arpege Master k.

It has a red display 75 mm high, composed of 6 digits, 5 LEDs (NET, ZERO, DATA, kg, t) and a traffic light.

This weight repetitor RP75-HL with a two-colored light is equiped with a light load cell.

It enabled it to adjust the display’s brightness depending on the ambiant light (from 2 watts for night lighting to 100 watts for full sun lighting).
It is optimized for full sun exposure.

High luminosity.

Download the technical manual