What is a dosing system ?

A dosing system ensures pinpoint accuracy in dispensing substances, eliminating the variability often associated with manual dosing methods. This precision is vital in industries where the composition of a mixture must meet stringent standards.

Dosing systems can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of different industries. Customizable parameters, such as dosage volume and dispensing speed, ensure that the system aligns precisely with the unique demands of the application.

What are the main products related to dosing ?

Jumbo bag filling machine

Also named jumbo bag packing machine stands as a technological marvel, designed to streamline the process of filling and handling large quantities of materials with ease. In industries dealing with bulk materials, efficiency and precision in packaging are paramount. Therefore Jumbo bag filling machines are appropriate machines that can facilitate this process. Automating the packaging process through the use of a jumbo bag filling machine can lead to a substantial enhancement in production efficiency and a reduction in labor costs.

Part of  ARPEGE MASTER K products offer, the filling station big bag ensures maximum measuring accuracy.


Beltscales are innovative devices specifically designed for conveyor systems, offering a seamless integration that ensures precision, efficiency, and reliability in material handling. They provide real-time, continuous monitoring of materials as they move along conveyor belts. This ensures a dynamic and accurate measurement, enabling industries to maintain precise control over their processes. Unlike static weighing systems, Belt Scales excel in dynamic environments. They accurately measure materials in motion, accommodating varying speeds and ensuring that the weight recorded reflects the actual load at any given moment.

Dosing software

Dosing Software allows users to create customized dosing profiles tailored to specific materials and applications. The software provides real-time monitoring of dosing processes, allowing operators to track dosing operations as they happen. Dosing software enhances overall control and synchronization between dosing and weighing processes.

In order to complete your dosing equipment, you can manage your dosing system with our developed dosing software Doseview.