Filling station Big Bag

Filling station of Big Bag by weighing

Dynamic weighing system on strain gauge load cell ensuring maximum measuring accuracy.
This filling station Big Bag in intern concept is fully adaptable to existing installations.

Integrated handling system (double frame or handling bar) to allow simple and safe movement.

Two configurations of big bag are available :

  • Manual station without movement of the big bag

– Rigid welded frame on scales placed on the floor
– Latchable hooks (adjustable manually) at four points on the big bag
– A tube secured with a manual hose clip holds the bag open


  • Automatic station of the big bag

Rigid welded frame
– Movable weighing frame (on 3 stainless steel bending beam load cells) for hooking, raising, controlling filling and removing the big bag
– A fan to format the big bag
– The weighing frame comprises :
– A twin-walled filling chute mounted on a weighing beam.
– The first duct in this chute inflates the bag and hoover up dust
– The second duct guides the product during filling
– A manual device using a “snap fastener” collar (or automatic “inflatable sleeve”) to clamp the mouth of the bag and keep it open
– A built-in hydraulic unit which allows the weighing frame to be moved vertically


Big bag weighing capacity :


Shapes and dimensions for weighing bag :

  • adapts to any type of big bag


This equipment may be supplemented:

  • by a weighing Indicator  (IDé 250 from our range or other compatible indicators)
  • des cartes de relayage intégrées dans l’indicateur de pesage
  • une imprimante de ticket de  pesage
  • une armoire complète d’’automatisation avec relayage du process de remplissage


Download the technical file