What is a weighbridge ? How does it work ?


Weighbridges are purpose built machines generally mounted permanently on a concrete foundation, that is used to weigh entire road or rail vehicles and their contents.

We can calculate the load carried by the vehicle by weighing it both loaded and empty (by subtracting one from the other).

A weighbridge has a surface of variable length (from 8 to 18 meters for the majority of applications) and variable width (from 3 to 5 meters).

Weight is measured using weighing sensors (or load cells), analog (aging technology) or digital.

The weight is read using a weighing indicator (display).

Weighing on a weighbridge by drivers can be autonomous with a weighing kiosk.




Our ARPEGE MASTER K industrial weighbridges can benefit from CE marking at the factory, which represents a real time saving during commissioning for regulated use on site.

What are the main weighbridge technologies ?

Weighbridges are essential devices used in the field of weighing, allowing the accurate measurement of the weight of vehicles, trucks and other heavy loads. There are several weighbridge technologies, each with its own advantages and specific applications.

Mechanical weighbridge

This type of weighbridge relies on a rocking mechanism that moves when the vehicle is weighed. Vehicle loads exert a force on the rocker system, which is then converted into a weight measurement. These weighbridges are robust, durable and relatively difficult to maintain. They are used less and less in industrial sites, mines and warehouses where weighing accuracy is not critical. This old technology is difficult to troubleshoot and adjust. However, it is possible to modernize this type of weighbridge by replacing the mechanical parts (levers and knives) with mounting kits and electronic weighing sensors.

Electronic weighbridge

Electronic weighbridges work on a similar principle to the mechanical weighbridge, but instead of using a lever mechanism with mechanical rocker, they are equipped with electronic weighing sensors. When a vehicle passes over the weighbridge, the pressure exerted on the compression sensors generates electrical signals proportional to the load, to the weight of the vehicle. These electrical signals are then converted into weight data on a digital display. This is why electronic weighbridges offer greater precision than mechanical versions. Indeed, they are often used in commercial weighing facilities, logistics centers and toll booths.

Weighing with digital compression sensors is renowned for high accuracy and reliability in demanding environments such as port facilities, freight terminals and distribution centers.

Portable weighbridge

Mobile weighbridges represent a innovative and adaptable solution in the field of weighing technology. Unlike traditional weighbridges that are fixed in place, mobile weighbridges offer the advantage of portability and flexibility. This makes them ideal for various industries and applications where dynamic weighing needs exist.

They are designed to be lightweight and compact which make them easily transportable.

They are generally made of several modular platforms, which are linked together to form the weighbridge.

This portability makes them suitable for temporary or remote sites such as construction sites, mining operations, logging sites, etc.


To summarize, weighbridges for weighing vehicles, trucks and construction machinery are essential measuring equipment for accurately determining the weight of heavy loads. Weighbridge technologies vary depending on their weighing mechanism, accuracy and application. The choice of technology therefore depends on the specific needs of the user and the environment in which it will be used.

Our offer suggests technology adapted to your profession and working environment:

  • Steel weighbridge
  • Concrete weighbridge
  • Mixed steel/concrete weighbridge
  • Location pont bascule Perfect TM

    Perfect TM steel weighbridge

    Modular full steel structure Weighing capacity: 60 tons (other ranges possible) Weighing precision in legal-for-trade: 20 kg Overall height: 29 cm max Standard lengths: 14, 16 and 18 meters with 8 load cells (other lenght: please contact us) Standard width: 3 meters (other width: please contact us) Our Perfect TM steel weighbridge has to be assembled on-site Weighbridge stabilized […]
  • pesage sur chargeuse

    TAMTRON Power wheel loader scale

    Approved for commercial use, the TAMTRON power wheel loader scale enables quick and efficient weighing loading materials.
  • pont bascule de chantier

    Transportable Monobloc Weighbridge for ...

    CPL Transportable monobloc metal frame Movable, quick and easy to install (external lifting eye) on a compacted ground or a concrete fondation.
  • pese train chimie

    Road-Rail Weighbridge

    Monobloc Road-Rail Weighbridge Tailor-made manufacturing in LYON (France)
  • weighbridge

    Axle scale

    Dynamic weighing of axle. This axle scale associate to the weighing indicator IDé 400 could detect automaticaly the number of axle. “Ready to pour” one-piece weighing system incorporating the casing. Low height of 240 mm limiting the excavation depth for the installation.Nominal load capacity 20 tonnes/Weighing scale division 10 kg (static), 20 kg (dynamic) Dimensions […]
  • Pont-bascule acier béton

    Weighbridge Perfect FT steel and concrete

    This weighbridge is immediately operational in legal metrology.  Modular steel frame poured with C35/45 concrete in factory or on site. Factory CE mark.