Axle scale

Dynamic weighing of axle.

This axle scale associate to the weighing indicator IDé 400 could detect automaticaly the number of axle.

“Ready to pour” one-piece weighing system incorporating the casing.
Low height of 240 mm limiting the excavation depth for the installation.Nominal load capacity 20 tonnes/Weighing scale division 10 kg (static), 20 kg (dynamic)

Dimensions axle scale:

Deck 3 000 x 710 mm (weighing surface) / 3 190 x 900 mm (overall dimensions with casting).
Rigid steel casing delivered with the weighing platform for installation in the ground.
Reduced height 240 mm


Load cells:

Fitted with 4 analogue load cells CPFA-A each of 7.5 tonnes.
Stabilisation system of the weighing deck by resilient leaves.Access to load cells by removable hatch on the top of the weighing deck


This axle weigher could not be use in legal metrological.

In the case of weighing for commercial transaction (billing of the product), the use of a weighbridge is essential.

It is possible to accumulate the control of the axle weight cumuler and the whole weight of a truck and its merchandise.

Consult our realization study case for containers weighing.


Product reference

: 050070010+021020340
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