Weight transmitter

Weight Transmitters & Measure Converters

A weight transmitter and a measure converter are integral parts of an effective weighing system. They are mostly used in the process industries to connect several weight indicators together or to convert data.

Arpege Master K's weight transmitters and measure converters enable the communication between the measuring strain gauges load cells (weighing) to the weight indicators and other PLCs, computer or PC.

The high quality products of our range meet all the industrial needs and help you to improve the efficiency of your weighing system.

From our MasterCan range to our IDe 500 and our CANDY transmitter, you will be able to find the perfect solution for your business.

  • Weight transmitter - Can-MK-MES

    Weight Transmitter CAN MK-MES

    Weight Transmitter – Can-MK-MES The weight transmitter Can-MK-MES is a high-performance, autonomous solution for weight measurement in automation networks for belt weighing applications (Continuous Totalizer).

    Weight Transmitter SAT 2 WEIGHT

    Weight Transmitter The weight transmitter SAT 2 WEIGHT is a high-performance, autonomous solution for weight measurement.
  • Belt scale weighing indicator

    IDe500-IB Belt scale weighing indicator

    Belt scale weighing indicator Up to 8 belt scales supervision IDe 500-IB belt scale weighing indicator allows the acquisition, the display and the transmission of the weight of 1 to 8 belt scales.
  • MasterCan Gateway CAN MK-FB

    MasterCan Gateway CAN MK-FB

    MasterCan Gateway CAN MK-FB for PLC industrial fieldbus systems MasterCan CAN MK-FB module connected to the CAN Bus provides the functions of a fieldbus gateway (PLC) for weighing indicators that do not have a PLC fieldbus option.
  • candy weight transmitter

    Weight transmitter CANDY

    Weight transmitter Candy, compact weighing The micro-transmitter CANDY is a cost-efficient solution for weight measurement in Network automation (level of monitoring, metering, weight control…).