MasterCan Gateway CAN MK-FB

MasterCan Gateway CAN MK-FB for PLC industrial fieldbus systems

MasterCan CAN MK-FB module connected to the CAN Bus provides the functions of a fieldbus gateway (PLC) for weighing indicators that do not have a PLC fieldbus option.

The gateway connected to a fieldbus (PROFIBUS-DP, DEVICENET, ETHERNET MODBUS/TCP, …) is a slave node which can send or read data via a master in the network.

As a result, data exchange with other slaves can be easily established from a PLC or a computer.

All data exchanged are either in Big-Endian format (MOTOROLA) or in Little-Endian format (INTEL-based processor).

Also, the choice of format can be configured on the weighing indicator, refer to the indicator’s software manual.


This MasterCan Gateway has :

  • A slot for Anybus CompactCOM card
  • 1 x Weighing CAN link for controlling the gateway module
  • 1 x RS485 serial port for connection of a weight repeater (or control of the gateway by a weight indicator without CAN bus)


Power by 12 Volts DC (or 24 Volts DC) for this gateway.

Power consumption of the gateway: 1.2 Watts / 6 Watts (max. at 12 Volts)

Also, the configuration of the MasterCan Gateway CAN-MK-FB is realized with the weighing indicator connected to this module.

A set of LEDs on the front panel shows the operating status of this CAN BUS module without additional equipment.


Fieldbus compatible with the MasterCan Gateway – BUS CAN-MK-FB:

  • Profibus-DP

  • DeviceNet

  • Ethernet ModBus/TCP

  • Profinet

  • Ethernet / IP

Weighing indicators compatible with this gateway, for instance :


Download the technical file