LOGIC 100-200 weight indicator

LOGIC 100-200 weight indicator

The LOGIC 100-200 weight indicator is designed for applications using scales, platforms and weighing hoppers.

It meets industrial weighing requirements: ticket printing, computer link, PLC link via input board On/Off output and
analogue output/DSD (Data Save Device integrated).

Operator interface :

  • Red LED 6-digit display, 20 mm high

Two keypad configurations with these weighing indicators:

  • LOGIC 100 => 6-key keypad
  • LOGIC 200 => Keypad with 20 numeric keys and dedicated function keys

Other features of the LOGIC 100-200 weighing indicator :

  • CE approved – 5,000 steps in class III
  • DSD memory capacity: 14,000 records
  • 1 RS232 output and 1 RS485 output
  • 12 VDC power supply via separate power supply unit (ABS) included
  • Integrated 230 VAC power supply (stainless steel)
  • Mounting: table top, cabinet recessed (ABS version only), wall or column mounting

The LOGIC 100-200 is available in ABS (IP54) and Stainless steel (IP65) versions.


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You can download the technical file and the technical manuals below.

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