Weight transmitter CANDY

Weight transmitter, compact weighing

The micro-transmitter CANDY is a cost-efficient solution for weight measurement in Network automation (level of monitoring, metering, weight control…).

Main features of the CANDY :

It enabled the connection of 1 to 4 analogue load cell  (and more with junction box).

It replaces the junction box weighing cell and independent weighing transmitter.

High measurement speed: up to 100 measures per second.

Internal resolution: 100.000 divisions –  24 bits.

Aluminium case: waterproof class IP 65

Connection on IDe 500-I

This weight transmitter convert the analogue signal into digital signal sensors.

La transmission du signal numérique garantie une insensibilité aux bruits électriques industriel.
Network wiring with all CANDY transmitters (only one cable for all measurement channels).


Product reference

: 00000664
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