Device Net weighing board for weighing indicators

Device Net weighing board for weighing indicators

The Device Net weighing board is a low level bus allowing connexion between load cells (actuator) and higher level elements (controllers).

DeviceNet fieldbus has a bus architecture with termination resistances of 121 ohm at each end.


Main characteristics of the DeviceNet bus:

Support : 5 wires copper (2 communications, 2 power supplies 24V 8A max + shield)


Rate:                                       |  125 Kbp/sec  |   250 Kbp/sec |  500 Kbp/sec until 1 Mbits/sec

Trunk line maximal length :    |     500 m           |      250 m         |  100 m  ® for the thick cable

Trunk line maximal length:     |     100 m           |       100 m         |  100 m  ® for the thin cable

Drop line maximal length:       |     6 m               |       6 m              |  6 m

Drop line total length:              |     56 m             |     78 m              |  36 m

Number of stations: 64 (nodes)

Topology: Bus with terminals for the trunk line

Line terminal: 121 ohms, 1% Metal film, 1/4W

Exchange type: Producers/consumers


Each indicator of the IDE range with this DeviceNet card is a slave node which can send or read data by the intermediary of a master of the network.

The data exchange with other salaves or between two IDE can be easily established via a PLC.

The connection to the field bus is realized via a terminal connector of 5 pins, with a footprint of 5.08mm.

The mediator used is shielded cable composed of a twisted pair which allows the transportation of the information, plus two cables for the external power supply.


The standard size of the exchanged data by the IDE indicator is:

  • 8 bytes in input
  • 22 bytes in ouput


The supported transmission speeds are 125 kbits/sec, 250 kbits/sec and 500 kbits/sec. The choice is made by the intermediary of switches located on the back side of the device (DIP switch 1 and 2).

The identification number of the station can be configued by the of the same ay from he staion can be configured of thehe identification number of the station can be configured of the same way from 0 to 63 (DIP switch 3 to 8).

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