Ethernet Xport Modbus TCP Weighing board

Ethernet Xport board suitable for weighing indicators

The Xport Modbus TCP Ethernet weighing board is adapted for weighing indicators

Ethernet (also known as the IEEE 802.3 standard) is a LAN technology. The Ethernet field network operates on the master/slave principle.

An address identifies each machine (2 machines must not have the same address).

The same transmission line connects all machines on an Ethernet network. Communication is done using a protocol.

This communication protocol between the machines allows each device to be transmitted on the line at any time and without any notion of priority between the machines.

Simple way communication:

  • Each machine verifies that there is no communication on the line before transmitting.
  • When two machines are transmitting simultaneously, a collision happens. (This means that several data frames are on the line at the same time)
  • Both machines interrupt their communication, wait for a random delay, then the first one having passed this delay can transmit again.

Main features of the Ethernet Xport Modbus TCP Weighing board:

  • Support: 5 copper wires (4 communications + shielding)
  • Flow rate: 10 MB
  • Total length: 100 m. (without line repeater)
  • Type of exchange: master/slave


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