Weight Transmitter SAT 2 WEIGHT

Weight Transmitter

The weight transmitter SAT 2 WEIGHT is a high-performance, autonomous solution for weight measurement.

The vertical form of this weight transmitter is self-contained, mounts on a standard DIN rail.

Quick setup and adjustment of the weight transmitter

128 x 32 OLED display, 6 keys, 5 LEDs
24 VDC power supply
Plug-in terminal blocks
Up to 8 load cells of 350 Ohms
Transmits the weight information in MODBUS-TCP Ethernet or MODBUS-RTU (RS)
Recommended 10 000 scales max, configurable up to 1 000 000 scales
Fast conversion with max 960 measurements per second
6-wire load cell input

Weighing transmitter with microcontroller and 30 bit A/D converter
16-bit opto-isolated analog output (4-20mA or 0-10V)
1 RS232/RS485 serial port

Bluetooth link with mobile application, allowing you to manipulate remotely


The SAT 2 WEIGHT tutorial for the connection method on youtube

The SAT 2 WEIGHT is mounted on a DIN rail:

Vertical mounting: compact
DIN rail mounting: 2 modules wide
Communication ports and protocol of the SAT 2 WEIGHT:
3 cumulative configuration options for the SAT 2 WEIGHT weight transmitter:

Modbus TCP or Profinet or Ethernet IP
RS485 and 4-20mA (or 0-10V)
3E/5S or 3E/4S (opto-isolated inputs – 24 VDC – digital outputs – 24 VDC – 200 mA)

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