MasterCan Hot-plug module CAN MK-4I4O

MasterCan Hot-plug module CAN MK-4I4O – opto-coupled inputs/outputs

The MasterCan hot-plug module CAN MK-4I4O is wirelessly connected to the CAN bus with 4 additional inputs/outputs, in order to link with weighing indicators.

One analog board (0/10 V or 4/20 mA) can be added to this module.

The CAN MK-4I4O hot-plug module is powered by 12 V (or 24 V).

Consumption : 1.5 W / 3 W (max under 12 V)

The MasterCan Hot-plug module CAN MK-4I4O is configured by RS232 serial link.

A set of LEDs on the front panel allows to know the operating status of this CAN BUS module without any additional equipment.


Charcateristics of opto-coupled digital inputs:

The 4 outputs “In1”, “In2”, “In3”, “In4” are available on pluggable terminals.

They are connected to each other by a common terminal.

Input voltage : 12 Volts to 24 Volts.

Maximum power consumed per input : 10mA max.

Characteristics of relay outputs:

The four outputs “Out 1”, “Out 2”, “Out 3”, “Out 4” are available on pluggable terminals.

Max Voltage: 48V DC or AC.

Maximum voltage : 1 Ampere DC or AC.

The input/output assignment depends on the indicator software (see the user manual and the software configuration).


Analog output option 0-10V / 4-20mA:

The 0-10V or 4-20 mA option allows transmitting the indication of Gross or Net weight:

  • As a voltage evolving from 0 VDC for 0 kg to 10 VDC for the maximum weight of the scale
  • Or as evolving power supply from 4 mA for 0 kg to 20mA for the maximum weight of the scale


For this option, it is necessary to add an analog option board in the hot-plug module CanMK-4I4O :

  • Analog option board 0-10V – order code is : 101 095 110 (green LED on the analog option board)
  • Analog option board 4-20mA – order code is: 101 095 120 (red LED on the analog option board)



It is imperative to use a shielded cable to connect to the remote system and the shield braid must be earthed.


Weighing indicators related to this MasterCan Hot-plug module CAN MK-4I4O



Product reference

: 00001877
Download the technical file