Weighing kiosk DIVA

Touchscreen Weighing Kiosk

The touchscreen weighing kiosk Diva features a user-friendly display that truly facilitates the weighing process for the machine
operator on weighbridge.

The weighing kiosk DIVA can easily:

  • display messages
  • perform alpha-numeric data entry
  • identification by read digital badges
  • print weighing labels.


Read the Following digital badges :


Case possibilities:

  • Laminated, polyester case in the color RAL 9016, 580 x 360 x 1300 mm
  • Inox case


Main characteristics of the weighing kiosk DIVA:

  • Secure door with lock that allows easy access to replace paper
  • 40-column thermal printer with built-in automatic ticket cutting feature
  • Tamper-proof ticket container (making it impossible to rip out the ticket before it is completely cut to spec)
  • Spool frame that allows for wide paper format printing (180 meter-long spool)
  • Built-in heating system
  • Analog monitor
  • Fixation on round post (90 mm)


Communication Ports :

  • 3 serial communication ports:
  • 4 USB interfaces (keyboard, key, printer, IT peripheral devices…)
  • 2 Ethernet ports
  • 1 standard VGA output (as an option, please contact us)


Different options to complete it:

  • Module to monitor Inputs/Outputs to control security and firewall settings
  • Analog monitor, phone or IP (Ethernet IP)
  • Power supply 230 VAC + ground
  • Integrated kit with weight indicator within terminal



Product reference

: 007045025+021010423
Download the technical manual