Weighbridge Weighing Kiosk VIGILE TERM ABS

Weighbridge Weighing Kiosk (VIGILE TERM ABS)

This model of weighing kiosk for weighbridge and/or access control “VIGILE TERM” provides a user-friendly interface between the vehicle driver and the weighing system.
This weighing kiosk enables the messages display and the entry of numeric or alphanumeric data.

Its badge reader allows fast and secure identification.

A thermal printer issues a weighing receipt (weighing ticket).

VIGILE TERM ABS can be connected to a PC equipped with the WINSTAR weighbridge management software (or an other software if required) or it can also be directly connected to one of the weighing indicators for weighbridge that you can find in our range of products such as:

Various badge reader technologies are possible for the VIGILE TERM ABS:


There are two different housing designs for this unmanned kiosk:

  • Polyester box laminated colour RAL 9016
  • Stainless steel box


Different options are available for this weighing kiosk :

  • Relay for light barrier control (optional)
  • Analog intercom, via telephone or IP (Ethernet IP)
  • 230 VAC power supply + Ground
  • Powered by solar panels (photovoltaic)
  • Galvanized round column (cars or trucks height) for installation at the height of truck/car drivers, vehicle cabins, etc.

If a self-service terminal with a touch-screen is what you’re looking for, check our weighing kiosk DIVA.

If you’re looking for a unmanned kiosk with integrated weighing indicator, check our weighing kiosk VIGILE .

Product reference

: 007041090
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