IDL55 weighing indicator for weighbridge

The IDL55 weighing indicator for weighbridge is compatible with all strain-gauge analog load cells.

With the ARPEGE MASTER K specific load cells, the IDL55 weighing indicator for weighbridge is perfect to maximize the peformances.

Indeed, this weighing indicator for weighbridge, the IDL55, has a large graphic LCD display providing a user-friendly interface and makes it easy to handle.

  • 320 x 240 large LCD display for the weight (6 digits of 15 mm) and an online user guide – dimensions 118 x 89 mm
  • Standard PC keyboard (either QWERTY or AZERTY) with hotkeys balance functions
  • Multilingual indicator (Arabic, Farsi, English, French )
  • Two different types of calendars available (Gregorian solar and Hejri)
  • 10 file management, alibi memory and four scalable data fields.
  • Configurable weight tickets with basic arithmetic functions.
  • User-friendly interface (graphic display and PC keyboard)

Autonomous management weighbridge kiosk.

The IDL55 with its weighbridge or scale software has:

  • 10 files
  • two digital references of 6 numbers
  • 2 alphanumerical references of 16 characters
  • 2 calculable difital references of 8 numbers


There are 4 weighing modes :

  • Manual Tare,
  • Semi-automatic Tare,
  • Tare file,
  • Double weighing (inpout/outpout)


Standard or configurable ticket layout.

Simple totalisations on files 1, 2, 3, 4 and crossed totalisations between files 1, 2, 3, 4


Moreover, to get a very performant weighing solution, you can associate the indicator with :

In addition, if you want to know more about Arpege Master K, you can check our LinkedIn page.

Product reference

: 054000010+021021010
Download the technical file