Touchscreen weighing kiosk software

DIVA touchscreen weighing kiosk software

This DIVA weighing kiosk software, based on the software Power-Weight (Winstar), provides a user-friendly interface to the vehicle driver throughout the weighing process on a weighbridge.

Its ergonomic graphic interface guides the user step by step through the weighing process in complete autonomy.

Scalable language library allows to the software to be adapted to the truck driver’s language.

  • Language choice
  • Weighing mode choice
  • Data selection via drop-down list or free entry (configurable)

The software uses data from the Winstar software suite

  • The data list is entirely configurable


The files and data available for the DIVA touch terminal are:

  • Client
  • Supplier
  • Destination
  • Carrier
  • Origin
  • Site
  • Product
  • Simple data 1/2/3/4


This weighing terminal software allows you to configure the printing of the weighing ticket:

  • Way in
  • Way out
  • or In/Out


The kiosk can be used in autonomous mode (local) or interconnected in an Ethernet network (several terminals, several computers, local or remote server).


It also communicates with the weighing indicators of the ARPEGE MASTER K range or other brands (on request).

The software of this weighing kiosk is the evolution of the Ecostar weighing solution.

Main mechanical characteristics of this touchweighing kiosk DIVA:

  • Polyester laminate case colour RAL 9016, dimensions 580 x 360 x 1300 mm
  • Stainless steel case
  • Door with locking key for secure access to ticket paper replacement
  • Very fast 40-column thermal printer (160 mm/s) with automatic ticket cut-out
  • Vandal-proof ticket receiver (it is impossible to tear off the ticket before it is completely cut out)
  • Large-diameter paper roll holder (180-metre roll)
  • Integrated heating resistor
  • Analog or IP intercom (option)
  • Mounting on round post diameter 90 mm (street furniture standard)



Product reference

: 007045025+021010423
Download the technical file