Weighbridge weighing software WINSTAR

Weighing software for managing weighridges on PC

WINSTAR weighbridge weighing software is a comprehensive software can manage up to 4 weighbridges.

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Several additional modules are available for a weighing solution with this software:

  • container weighing
  • access control
  • billing
  • radioactivity management
  • multisites
  • multi users
  • multilanguages, etc.

The weighbridge PC software WINSTAR allows the connection up to 8 stand-alone terminals.

The main functions of the weighbridge weighing software WINSTAR are:

  • Management of automatic weighing by the weighing terminal on the weighbridge
  • User Management
  • Multi-company management
  • Management of skips
  • Communication with the weighing equipment made by the main existing communication ports (USB, serial, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, etc.)
  • A number of protocols (Arpege Master K and other manufacturers) are handled
  • Integrated database management utility (location, export, compression, backup).
  • The user interface is available in a number of languages and a language editor allows others to be incorporated (Latin languages only)


There are multiple operating modes:

  • Automatic weighing with terminals and badges
  • Semi-automatic weighing with additional information entered on the terminal by the vehicule
  • Manual weighing with information entered by an operator.


User-friendly interface and easy to use under Windows ® operating system, the print peripherals are those installed on the computer.

The weight display is permanent, the main ” weighing ” functions are directly accessible from a single window.

Several dialogue protocols have been incorporated and can be included on request 


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Download the technical file