IDE250 Inox Weight Indicator for Industry

IDE250 Inox Weight indicator for Industry, compatible with analogue load cells.

The IDE 150/250 industry software was developed for this IDE250 inox weight indicator, in order to manage weighing applications for industrial processes.
Its approved Data Storage Device (DSD) file meets the obligations for legal metrology.
It can control a relay board to manage alarms in a fully autonomous way (tank overflow for example).
Many communication options (Fieldbus, analogue output … ) are available for real-time automatic weighing control (PC / PLC).

Sofware features :

  • 4 thresholds available with 4I /40 board
  • Dedicated input functions :
    • l1 => print request
    • l2 => zeroing request
    • l3 => delate tare request
    • l4 => taring request (semi-automatic tare)

Other characteristics:

  • 2 filtering modes of the weighing measurement: self-adaptating filtering or continous filtering.
  • Weighing tickets fully customizable
  • Transfer and backup data to and from a USB flash drive or PC
  • It has an Alibi memory of 100 000 weighings

Product reference

: 050020310+021020015
Download the technical manual