16I/24O board for IDE indicators

This is a weighing electronic card 16E/24S

This weighing electronic card is used to read inputs (cycle start, stop, authorization, etc…) and also to control the outputs (valves, pilot lights,etc) on a weighing indicator.

The asignement of the inputs and outputs is given in the application manual of the indicator software.

As standard, the 16E 24S card is fitted with UDN2982A circuits supplying the current.

The BCE card has the following ressources:

  • 16 optocouples inputs
  • 24 optocoules outputs


The interface of this weighing card 16E/24S – IDé consists of 2 connectors :

  • 1 x SubD 37 male points
  • 1 x SubD 15 male points


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