Baggage weighing indicators for airport

Discover here different baggage weighing indicators for airport designed by our  ARPEGE MASTER K R&D team and used specifically for check-in and for both the operator and the passenger.

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Efficient Baggage Weighing Solutions for High-Traffic Airports

In bustling airport check-in areas, efficiency and precision are paramount. Swift and accurate processing of baggage not only impacts revenue but also influences health, safety, and customer satisfaction. Avery Weigh-Tronix presents a range of standalone or conveyor scales and indicators designed for seamless integration into new or existing setups, ensuring a streamlined process.

Airport Baggage Scales

Our baggage scales are adaptable to various conveyor sizes and capacities. Engineered to withstand the rigorous demands of busy airports, these check-in scales are durable, precise, and reliable. We also provide standalone scales with optional baggage containment walls suitable for both static and conveyor setups.

Baggage Weight Indicators

Complementing our solutions are baggage weighing indicators delivering rapid and precise weight readings to both operators and passengers. Equipped with cutting-edge connectivity features, these check-in desk weight indicators seamlessly transmit crucial weight data directly into your baggage handling system, enhancing overall operational efficiency.