MAGIC AERO airports weight indicator

MAGIC AERO Weight Indicator for Airport

New indicator is available Bag2R

Description of the MAGIC AERO weight indicator, the airport weighing scale

Our MAGIC AERO is a weighing indicator dedicated to luggage at airports “check-in”.  As an airport weight indicator, it works with a platform scale. As a result it constitutes the perfect weighing solution dedicated for airports.

It consists also of a housing. This housing include two opposite high brightness displays by red LED.

Approved for legal-for-trade transactions , its dual display consequently allows a client-host use.

Moreover Magic Aero is compatible with most standard analogue load cells. Therefore, it may be associated with a single or 4 load cell scale. It may also be associated with a roller conveyor.

Function of the MAGIC AERO weight indicator as a baggage weighing scale:

Weight display for the client side at the check-in :

  • “WEIGHT” of 4 numbers
  • “TOTAL” of 6 numbers
  • “Nb WEIGHINGS” of 2 numbers

Weight display for hostess side at the check-in :

  • “Nb WEIGHINGS” of 2 numbers

As a result, there are 3 function buttons :

  • Reset
  • Clear
  • Registration

Advantages of the weight indicator for baggages at the airport:

  • “WEIGHT” of 4 numbers
  • “TOTAL” of 6 numbers


Feature of the MAGIC AERO, luggage scale at the check-in:

  • Standard Power Supply : 12 V
  • Infrared sensor : 5 V
  • Analog connection : 1 to 6 weighing sensor of ohm
  • Temperature use : – 10 °C / + 40 °C
  • Temperature storage : – 20 °C / + 60 °C
  • Approval legal metrology : 6 000 rung


For instance, our weighing product is used in the Carribean.

MAGIC AERO is a weighing indicator from our airport product range. You can also find our second weighing product : the BAG2R, dedicated to luggage at airports “check-in”.

Download the technical file below.

Product reference

: 0515000010
Download the technical file