IDE 400 Discountinuous totalizing indicator

The IDe 400 equipped with an 8I/8O board and the discontinuous totalizing software (hopper scale)

The IDE 400 with its program is designed to provide automatic discontinuous totalizing functions but it is also adapted for loading and unloading trucks, ships …

Two operating modes:

  • Bulk products receipt:

Tabulations cycles are performed with an undefined general guideline. The end of the cycle is caused by manual action VDR (Change From Rest).

  • Bulk product shipment:

Tabulations cycles are performed until you achieve the desired quantity.


Device Communication Protocol:

  • Protocol JBUS / MODBUS
  • Remote display of weight or accumulation (MAGIC  RP75HL )
  • Alibi memory (DSD) records may be downloaded

Product reference

: 050070010+021020350
Download the technical file