Belt scale

We reserve this belt scale for weighing on conveyor belts.

Our belt scale allows to integrate a complete and powerful solution of dynamic weighing with a precision up to +/- 1% depending on the environment.

Characteristics of the belt scale

  •  Usable for conveyor belts from 500 to 1200 meters wide.
  •  2 possible versions:
    •  mono roll scale
    •  double roll scale
  •  Adjustable trough angle during on-site assembly
  • Several additional options:
    • Mechanical kit with Oméga support and mounting bracket
    • Weighing table with for fine precision
    • Acceleration with different load cell options


Advantages of the belt scale

This weighing belt scale is very easy to install and to assemble.

Its steel fabrication and its IP68 load cell make its construction very strong.

This belt scale is associated with ARPEGE MASTER K electronic mesuring instruments (IDE indicators and CAN MK-MES transmitter).

The addition of a second belt scale make the system modular and scalable. As a result, the flow rate and the weighing accuracy increase.

  • dynamic-weighing indicator
    IDE 400 Continuous totalizing weighing indicator
    The IDE 400 weighing indicator is designed for continuous weighing of a bulk product on a conveyor belt. Associating a belt scale to this IDE 400 weighing indicator is a dynamic weighing basic solution on conveyor belt.
  • indicateur de pesage IDé 150
    IDe150 numerique Industrie
    Logiciel IDé 150/250 Industrie pour applications de pesage