IDE 400 Continuous totalizing weighing indicator

The IDE 400 weighing indicator is designed for continuous totalizing weighing of a bulk product on a conveyor belt.

Associating a belt scale to this IDE 400 weight indicator is a dynamic weighing solution on conveyor belt for continuous totalizing weighing .

Two operating modes fot this continuous totalizing indicator :

  • Bulk products receipt:

The tabulations cycles are performed with an undefined general guideline. A manual action causes the end of the cycle.

  • Bulk product shipment:

Tabulations cycles performe until you achieve the quantity scheduled at departure, .


Operator interface of the IDE 400 continuous totalizing weighing indicator :


Files and weighing management with the weighing controller:

  • DSD file (alibi memory) of 14 300 data.
  • Partial or total totalizing partial of weight and speed (two levels of aggregation).
  • Manual mode of the belt calibration.
  • The connection to a PLC or a computer allows a process control by an external computer system (Protocol JBUS / MODBUS RTU serial or Ethernet MODBUS protocol encapsulated in TCP).

Connexion with a configurable remote display:

  • This weight indicator can also manage a weight remote display in different kinds of modes (overview of partial accumulation, global output, remains to load …).


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: 0500070010A+021020360+120030080
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