Weighing Kiosk VIGILE INOX-IDe-400-Autonomous

Weighing kiosk VIGILE INOX-IDe-400-Autonomous for weighing on weighbridges

Main characteristics of the weighing kiosk VIGILE-INOX-IDe-400-Autonomous program:

  • The weighing kiosk VIGILE INOX-IDe-400-Autonomous kiosk software offers to its user all the necessary weighing functionalities on scales and weighbridges
  • The weighing performed on the weighbridge are saved and can be retrieved via USB key, serial link or remotely via PSTN/ADSL modem.

The program has :

  • 7 files (including DSD file with 65,000 weighs)
  • 3 numerical references of 6 digits
  • 3 alphanumeric references of 16 digits


Product reference

: 00001472+00001475
Download the technical file