IDE500 weight indicator for weighbridge

IDE500 weight indicator for weighbridge with digital load cells.

This IDE500 is an industrial controller for weighing process for weighbridge.

This industrial weighing indicator has a large display LCD graphics (119 x 80mm ) providing a very user-friendly handling.

  • LCD remote display (240 px x 128 px) composed of 6 digits of 15 mm and an operator guide
  • Integrated keyboard with 4 keys and 5 metrological pseudo- mouse and validation keys
  • External standard PC keyboard with hotkey balance functions


The weighing indicator also have:

Configurable weighing tickets

Independent electronic management with high capacity (75,600 records)

User-friendly interface (graphic display and PC keyboard)

Easy loading operations through its input / output card

Autonomous management of weighbridge kiosk

The IDE500 weighing indicator equipped with the weighbridge software has been designed to offer advanced and autonomous functions weighing on scale or weighbridge .

As a result, its program also allows to perform truckload operations (option card input / output necessary).


The main features of the weighbridge software for IDE500 indicator are:

  • 6 data files for weighing , 1 file of the first weighings (mobile tares file), 2 digital references of 6 digits , 2 alphanumeric references of 16 characters.
  • 4 weighing modes :
    • Manual Tare,
    • Semi-automatic Tare,
    • Tare file,
    • Double weighing (enter/exit)
  • Standard or configurable ticket layout
  • Totalisations on file 1 (simple totalisation, crossed file 1/file 2, crossed file 1/file 3, and list of weighings)
  • Totalisation on file 2 (simple totalisation, crossed file 2/file 3 )
  • Totalisation on file 3 (simple totalisation, crossed file 3/ file 2)
  • A DSD memory of the last 500 65 weighings. (DSD file)
  • A journal of the last 2300 weighing tickets.


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Product reference

: 050080050B+021020420
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