multi-channel weighing indicator IDE 500-I

IDE 500-I multi-channel weighing indicator.

This multi-channel weighing indicator cand display up to 12 measurements channels depending on software and digital weight transmitter.


The IDE 500 is an innovative and efficient solution for integrating the “weight” criterion into automation networks (level monitoring, dosage, weight control, etc.).

The IDe 500-I equipped with INDUSTRIE software has been designed to supervise 1 to 12 measurement channels digitized by a CANDY weight transmitter or a CAN-MK-MES weight transmitter

The acquisition of the weight of each CANDY autonomous transmitter is ensured by the CAN bus.

This information is displayed and available for a PLC.

Each measurement channel is equipped with a CANDY or CAN-MK-MES transmitter which can power and digitize 1 to 8 400 Ω impedance sensors (depending on configuration).

Better electrical protection of the measurement by digitizing the data between the digital weight transmitter and the IDé 500-I multi-channel weighing indicator.


Weighing trace file (DSD) that can be activated on the weight threshold and per measurement channel.

Channel repeater function with second IDé500-I indicator on the CAN bus.

Display of the total of measurement channels.


The operator interface of this multi-channel weighing indicator is simple and intuitive:

  • 240 x 128 pixel (7×12.5cm) LCD graphic display, backlit, very good visibility
  • 4 metrological keys
  • 4 application keys (zeroing, taring for each of the measurement channels, tare deletion and data validation)

Communication ports with the weighing indicator:

  • 2 serial links:

  • COM1: RS232 and / or RS485 2 wires (JBus / Modbus® protocol)

  • COM2: passive current loop

  • 1 CAN interface (AMK digital sensor, CANDY, repeater, AMK digital peripherals)

Option cards compatible with this multi-channel weighing indicator:

  • fieldbus MODBUS ®
  • Ethernet (MODBUS TCP ®)
  • Ethernet IP
  • Profinet IO
  • RS232
  • RS485
  • Active or passive current loop card Xport Ethernet card (MODBUS TCP)

Indicator setting using conversational menu.

Contrast adjustment using the keyboard.



Product reference

: 050090050A+021020400
  • Device Net weighing board
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